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Electronic bidet seat Q5000 Series_Affordable

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Electronic bidet seat Q5000 Series



"Paperless Smart Toilet System"

Many people in Europe, Asia and the USA have been using the paperless system for years.
In fact, over 80% of homes in Japan and Korea have one installed.
One of the features that made this product an essential bathroom accessory was that it was easy to fit to an existing toilet.
Quoss biddets can be retrofitted to any toilet seat in just 10-15 minutes without any modification. With just the push of a button, the bidet toilet will automatically clean you thoroughly and then dry you with a gentle stream of warm air thus providing a cleaner, healthier and eco friendly alternative to toilet pater.
This hands-free toileting experience alone can significantly reduce germs and bacteria contamination in the home from unwashed or improperly washed hands.
Experience proper cleansing that toilet paper can never provide. Install Quoss bidets and completely do away with the expense of toilet paper for ever.




  • Stainless Nozzle
    The stainless nozzle eliminates impurities easily.

  • Wash & Bidet
    For better cleansing, water temperature is adjustable to 4 levels, and water pressure to 8 levels.

  • Move
    The easy movement of the nozzle allows the spray to gently cleanse the body parts thoroughly.

  • Bubble Cleansing
    Users enjoy smoth, refreshing and tidy cleansing with bubbles mixed in water.

  • Warm Air Drying
    Users enjoy smoth, refresing and tidy cleansing with bubbles mixed in water.

  • Deodorize
    Removes bad odor in the bathroom. Turns off automatically after 2 and half minutes.

  • Heated Seat
    You can adjust the temperature of the bidet seat by 4 levels of up to 42˚C, which makes it comfortable to use in winter.

  • Occupied Seat Sensor
    The control panel operates using a skin sensor when the seat is accupied. This elminates water spillage through accidental use or children's curiosity.

  • Anto Slam (Soft Clese) Lid/Seat
    The lid and seat close smoothly and gradually.

  • Illumination
    The LED light turns on & off automatically according to illuminance and tuns off when the seat is occupied.

  • Water Purifying Filter
    Filtering out impurities in the tap water protects the parts inside the bidet from being clogged up and enables clean cleansing.



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