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  • MaterialPCB, Fan, Motor, Valve, Code, Plastics, Etc.

[QUOSS Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Features :
1. Users can enjoy sitz bath with the instantaneous heating system.
2. Hot and cold water are switched instantly. It enables succession sitz bath.
3. Instantaneous heating, without water tank inside, means hygienic and eco-friendly.
4. About 50% of electric rates cheaper than the products with water tank.
5. Water saving product : 700cc/min.
   cf)1,400cc/min : with water tank.

Product w/remote control(Q-7000s).
*Fits most of toilets.
*Easy operation of the bidet.
*Aromatic keeps the bathroom refreshing all the time.
*Built-in LED light gives dim illumination in the bathroom.
*Clock equipped.
*Nozzle cleaning function guarantees hygienic cleansing.

Push-button Product (Q-6000s).
*Sitz bath.
*Succession sitz bath(sitz bath using hot & cold water in turn).
*No noise.
*Power & water saving : 50% of the regular products with water tank.
*Reaches to the set temperature instantly.
*No standby power.

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